Prevention is key.

Shop our collection of locally made, non-medical masks.

Adapting to a "new normal", the Stella Nolasco team is heeding the call to meet the demand for quality, personal-use, non-medical face masks. We’re tirelessly working toward this effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Bold, lush, and full-spirited, Stella's pieces consistently reveal a heightened focus on artisan handwork. Ornate fabrics are paired with hand stitched laces embellished with delicate beading. With colors, textures and lines that evoke Puerto Rico's unique aesthetic as it has evolved through the late colonial period to the midcentury and beyond, Stella creates luxuriant, sexy, post-modern pieces that express a love and deep understanding for Latin spirit.  Stella's work continues to capture the imaginations of critics and exclusive clients from all over the world.

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